A Villain's Treat

Da Everything Bagel welcomes the Bronx's resident, 'Über Villain' at large as our first guest contributer. You may want to give this recipe a try if you know what's good for you.

Villains have to eat too. Indeed we do. After watching the villonius (yes, like Thelonius) acts of one mister Orson Wells in the film, ‘The Third Man’, my stomach rumbled, having an immediate affect on my über nature. The impulse for something fried and battered was great. Eureka! Onion rings would be the result of my mental culinary conjure. Quite the suitable wee hour treat for I. I offer a makeshift recipe for even the likes of pedestrians on this highway po’ super. Once organized and revised I will return with a more systematic approach and possible reasoning for such a creation. As for now, I present to you, a short-list of ingredients. You living, breathing marionettes.

1 large onion (peeled, then sliced into 1/3 inch or 1/4 inch rings)...
½ cup of whole milk
3/4 cup of flour
pinch of salt ( This villain is easy on the salt.)
2 tablespoons of garlic powder
½ tablespoon of freshly ground black pepper
½ teaspoon of mustard powder
1 1/2 cups of canola oil

Pour canola oil in deep fry pan. Turn the heat up!
In a bowl pour milk.
In another bowel mix dry ingredients.
Rinse onions in cold water.
Dip onions in milk. Then dry mix. Milk again, dry again.
Drop onions in pan.
Cook, flip, take out when golden brown.
Toss’em some place to drain. A rack of some sort, or perhaps atop a stack of paper towels.
Eat while they’re hot with your favorite condiments.

Next recipe...

Onion ring dipping sauce that involves, spicy brown mustard, horseradish, garlic and few other tasty bits...

-The Bronx Über Villain

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Late Night Protein Fix

Oh no! Another tuna recipe.

They say you should never eat late at night. Yeah well I say you can, so long as you watch what it is that you’re eating. If your life consists of a lot of overnight working sessions you have no choice in the matter. Don’t starve yourself.

Anyway, I’m up and I’m hungry so I have to make something. I’ve been worrying about my carb intake during the wee hours. A friend of mine suggested the idea of a protein drink. Not a super sweet sugar loaded one; More or less raw protein you mix with water or juice. Great idea, but I don’t have anything like that on hand. No worries though, I figured something out.

The following recipe to some may be rather strange, but you know what, I dug it.

1 can solid white tuna.
1/8 thinly sliced onion (a red one would be great!)
1/4 quartered and sliced tomato
½ teaspoon of curry powder
1/4 teaspoon of fresh black pepper (yeah grind it yourself) If you have white peppercorns, even better.
½ teaspoon of parsley
½ teaspoon of minced garlic
½ tablespoon of olive oil
a sprinkle of shredded mozzarella cheese
a few black berries (yes black berries)

So er uh you mix that all up nice and pretty in the exact order displayed. Now, my list of ingredients is officially a recipe. (Are you happy Sum?)

*While searching for a protein drink image to jack, I stumbled upon a great site that's all about preventing and reversing disease with nutrition. Check out Disease Proof.


Nasty Fish Mix Recipe

Times are rough. The cost of living is high in New York. Tuna is expensive and er uh let's just say, necessity is definitely the mother of invention as she is the woman that granted me the idea for the following recipe.

1 can chunk light tuna in water
1 can of sardines in mustard sauce (take that friggin bone out the middle, ick!)
1/2 diced red or yellow onion
1/2 chopped tomato
1 tablespoon of minced garlic
2 leaves of green or red leaf lettuce chopped
2 tablespoons of mayonnaise (or mayo substitute)
1/8 teaspoon of red pepper

Chunk light tuna is usually a no-no. But at nearly 2 bucks a can for solid white albacore we'll have to pass on it today. Sardines? Yeah, well normally we'd go with 2 cans of tuna but seeing as in the fact that we're cutting back due to low-fundage for this particular recipe we'll go with those little guys. Sardines also add to the total 'nasty' of this dish. Okay, so why get sardines in mustard sauce? Normally, I would add a lil bit of spicy brown deli mustard. Now I don't have to. Nothing more to do now but mix up all of the above ingredients. I suggest you go with a nice wheat bread or even a flour less bread like Ezekiel (I like their sesame bread)to spread your mix on. A toasted sesame Italian loaf, and this nasty concoction topped with a mild swiss or muenster is another option.

P.S. I forgot one more optional ingredient. Carrot. Yep, a couple of years ago I had a great tuna salad that contained some shredded carrot. So if you'd like to add some carrot to your mixture I'd say finely shred about 1/2 of a nice sized healthy one and toss it on in.


Fresh Juice

Hey. I know, I know, I know... Look we're getting the blog together. In the meantime here's some great info I found searching the web about the benefits of various fruit and vegetable juices.

A lot of folks tell you the upside of drinking fresh juice but leave you with no direction as to the cons of drinking them based on certain circumstances for the individual consuming...

'Many people think fresh juices are good in any quantities and surely harmless. However, this is not the case. Same juice can help to one person and damage another one.

You should not overestimate medicinal power of juices. You know, first of all, these are foods. Their medicinal influence is not so marked, like medicines’ one. You cannot cope with a disease due to juice therapy, you just can support your organism.

Be careful

Fresh juices are contra-indicated while some diseases. Thus, if you have peptic ulcer, gastritis or pancreatitis exacerbation, then don’t drink verjuices: lemon, orange, apple, currant, cranberry. They contain many organic compounds, which increase gastric acidity, can cause heartburn and pain attacks.

Grape juice consumption should be restricted for full people and sick with diabetes. It contains too much glucose and calories. It is also undesirable to drink too much grape drinks, if you have irritated bowels syndrome.

Remember, many fresh juices are depletives. So if you suffer from diarrhea, you should dilute them with water beforehand and drink little by little.

To receive wholesome substances and vitamins from fresh juices, you don’t need to drink liters of them at all. Such experiments can only damage your organism. Reasonable norm – is from several table spoons to 3 glasses per day depending on kind of juice.

Squeezer or grater
There’s opinion saying that juice cannot be prepared with help of electric squeezers, as vitamins are destroyed while contact with metal. This is partially true. But in last years they use metals, which interact with juice components to the minimum. If you prepare juice using a granny’s method, with help of grater and gauze, loss of vitamins is still inevitable. You know, this way juice contacts with air for rather long time.

For better assimilation

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices supplement each other in a great way. Fruit juices are richer in sugars and vitamins, vegetable – mineral salts.

It’s better to drink juices 30-40 minutes before meal or during breaks between meals. If you drink juices made from sweet fruits, you should observe this recommendation especially strictly. If you drink sweet juice after lunch, it can increase fermentation in bowels and provoke abdominal distension.

You need to drink fresh juices right after you prepare them. Even short-term keeping in fridge reduces medicinal value of juice, although its taste can remain the same.

Each juice should be used differently


Fresh carrot juice is a king of vegetable juices. It contains much beta-carotene, B vitamins, potassium, calcium, cobalt and other mineral substances. All this makes carrot juice especially wholesome for children and people with weak immunity and problem skin.

Beta-carotene is very good for sight. However, you need to eat some fat food right after you drink carrot juice, this way it is assimilated better. Salad, seasoned with vegetable oil is the best variant.

Don’t drink too much carrot juice. Excess of beta-carotene overloads liver, and skin can gain sallow tone. Drink no more than 0,5 liter of carrot juice per day. 0,5 glass is enough for vitamin prophylaxis. Fresh carrot juice is contra-indicated while peptic ulcer and diarrhea acute conditions.


Beet juice contains much sugar, vitamins С, Р, В1, В2, РР. It also contains much potassium, iron, manganese salts. Beet juice’s wholesome substances stimulate hematosis. High magnesium content contributes to normalization of nervous system activity while stresses, overloads, insomnia. This juice also improves gut motility, that’s why it is a good remedy for constipation prophylaxis.

But fresh beet juice also contains harmful compounds, which are destroyed while contact with air. So before drinking you need to keep it in fridge for 2-3 hours in an open dish. Unfortunately, some people cannot drink beet juice. Sometimes it causes sickness, vomiting, giddiness, heartthrob, general weakness.

You need to get used to concentrated beet juice little by little, starting from one table spoon per day. Before drinking, dilute it with boiled water or dog-rose decoction. You can mix it with carrot, cabbage, apple, plum or pumpkin juices. If you have kidney diseases, peptic ulcer or duodenum disease, beet juice is not recommended for you.

Tomato juice stimulates alimentary canal work, reduces risk of cancer. It is very useful for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It is low calorie and that’s why overweight people also can drink it. Fresh juice keeps drastic phytoncides, suppressing fermentation and putrefaction processes in bowels.

Drink tomato juice 20-30 minutes before meal, as it increases stomach and bowels readiness for food digestion. Addition of salt reduces juice’s medicinal qualities. Instead of salt you can add pounded garlic and fresh green: parsley, fennel, cilantro. Tomato juice is contra-indicated while gastritis, peptic ulcer, pancreatitis and cholecystitis acute conditions.


Cabbage juice contains easy-digestible carbohydrates, vitamins С, РР, folacyn and amino acids. It also contains potassium, natrium, calcium, magnesium and iron salts. Cabbage juice contains a special anti-ulcerous vitamin U. So, it is used warm as a remedy against peptic ulcer and duodenum disease acute conditions. It is recommended to use warm fresh cabbage juice for gargling while stomatitis and oulitis.

Besides, cabbage juice impedes conversion of carbohydrates to fats, that’s why it is useful while obesity. You can drink it 30 minutes before meal and during intervals between meals several times a day. Regardless of the fact that cabbage juice has a healing effect on gastric mucosa, it is undesirable to drink it while gastritis and peptic ulcer acute conditions.


Pumpkin juice contains sucrose, wholesome pectic substances, potassium and magnesium salts, iron, copper and cobalt. It contains also vitamins С, В1, B2, В6, Е, beta-carotene. Pumpkin juice improves alimentary can work, contributes to biliation. It is recommended for people with cardio-vascular diseases, accompanied with edemata.

Pumpkin juice is especially good while kidney and liver diseases. Drink 0,5 glass of it once a day. While insomnia it is recommended to drink a glass of pumpkin juice with honey before going to bed, while calculus – 1/4 or 1/5 glass of pumpkin juice 3 times a day. Course of treatment is 10 days. There are almost no contra-indications for pumpkin juice drinking, just idiosyncrasy.


It contains many vitamins C and P, potassium, calcium, iron salts, copper, manganese, cobalt, zinc, nickel. It is used while atherosclerosis, liver, urinary bladder, kidney diseases, urolithiasis. Pectin from pulpy apple juice normalizes bowels work. High sugar and organic compounds content contributes to quick restoration after physical loads. You can drink apple juice without any damage to your health in rather big quantities – up to 1 liter per day. Fresh apple juice is contra-indicated while gastritis, peptic ulcer and pancreatisis acute conditions.


Grape juice contains significant quantity of sugar and potassium. It is recommended while nervous exhaustion and collapse. Juice of dark grape contains substances, reducing risk of heart diseases. Its regular drinking reduces level of cholesterol and arterial pressure.

Grape juice has also bactericidal, diuretic, laxative, sudorific and expectorating effects. Drink 0,5 glass of natural grape juice 3 times a day during 3 weeks for medicinal purposes. Before drinking, dilute it with water in proportion 1:1.

Grape juice is not recommended while gastritis with acidity, peptic ulcer and duodenum disease, diabetes, obesity, chronic inflammatory processes in lungs. It is also undesirable to drink grape juice while susceptibility to wind.

Citrus plants

Fresh citrus juices are rich in vitamins C and P, potassium, folacyn. They increase vitality, remove tiredness and strengthen blood vessels. These juices are useful while atherosclerosis, hypertension, for cancer prophylaxis.

However, if you suffer from peptic or duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis or pancreatitis, then citrus juices are not recommended for you. Besides, you should remember that grape juice can interact with medicines. So it is contra-indicated while taking of many medicines.


Pomegranate juice is excellently assimilated, excites appetite, regulates stomach activity and increases hemoglobin. It has diuretic, cholagogue, antiphlogistic and antiseptic effects. It is usually recommended to drink it in combination with carrot and beet juices.

Pomegranate juice should be diluted with water. It contains many acids, which irritate gastric mucosa and destroy enamel. Fresh pomegranate juice is contra-indicated while gastritis with high acidity, peptic ulcer and pancreatitis.'


El-P Cooks Bagels & Lox for Dinner with the Band

Tofu Tofu Tofu

Found a great post about tofu on Squidoo, that anyone interested in preparing and learning more about it really should check out. TOFU - Taking the mystery out of the big white BLOB!


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